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Short-Term Motorcycle Leasing, Long Term Motorbike Hire

Add comment April 11th, 2016


Not everyone can justify having a motorcycle all year round.  Whether it’s family commitments, work or you just don’t want something in the garage taking up space for half the year, motorcycle ownership isn’t for everyone.


And that’s why Spyder Motorcycles has created its short-term motorcycle leasing service!  It allows those who have a dormant motorbike licence to start using it again on a part-time basis.  Spyder Motorcycles can provide you with the bike, insurance and for those who need it, a back to riding course with our partner Progressive Road Skills.


It’s as simple as that, get in touch with Spyder Motorcycles, discuss the bikes available, fill in a quick insurance form, sign terms and away you go!  If you are one of the many motorcycle licence holders currently watching us lot on two wheels with envy, start leasing a motorbike through Spyder Motorcycles and feel the freedom once again.

Spyder Motorcycles Short-Term Motorcycle Leasing, have a bike in your garage when you want it, and not when you don’t!


Spyder Club Season Starter in Southern Spain

Add comment March 24th, 2016


The 7th annual Season Starter trips in southern Spain are already over and we are back in the UK, but the memories are still very much alive!  Every year we head to the glorious roads of Andalucia with a fleet of motorcycles and offer our guests four days of stunning riding, this year was no different.


With bikes including the unique Ariel Ace, brand new Ducati Monster 1200R and 959 Panigale, the crazy MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR, a Spyder Club favourite in the Ducati Diavel Carbon and a bike all our members rave about, the KTM Super Duke R.


With two groups joining us, it is never long before guests start discussing the bike of the trip, and this year was no different.  By day two, guests had ridden most bikes and two were rising above the rest.  However there were plenty of other praised motorcycles!


The MV Agusta Brutale 800 is a cracking motorcycle, regardless, a few days prior to leaving for Spain we upgraded it for the more powerful and better specced RR.  There are minimal gains over the standard bike but that’s not why you have the RR.  Over twisty mountain roads, there is seldom any more power required than that of a Street Triple R, but the MV sounds, looks and rides with that little bit more, something, flair!


The MV is frantic, mental, frenzied, all in a good way that allows you to ride hard and enjoy it, brilliant!  The Diavel is no different!!  It’s the second trip our current Ducati Diavel Carbon has been on and both sets of guests loved it.


It stands out because it does what so many don’t believe it can.  It corners impeccably and that fat rear tyre means you can stand it up and fire it out of corners with confidence.  The acceleration and stopping power are outstanding, it’s comfortable, and at Spyder Club, everyone loves it, the purchases after members have ridden it prove that!


We also took the unique Ariel Ace, with power and reliability coming from a 1200 V4 Honda engine and a 70 hour build process creating the stunning aluminium frame, we were all looking forward to riding it.  It’s a very good bike, there are things that initially put you off but spend real time on it and you understand its attractions and abilities.  The Honda power plant makes it responsive and predictable, the front end is stable and feels good into a bend, however I’d like more familiar tyres on it to push it harder.


The Ariel did divide opinion but, those who rode it briefly weren’t convinced however those who rode it for longer periods, found it got a lot better, it really is a bike you need to spend time on before you spend your money!  Not like the Ducati 959 Panigale, wow!


A Spyder Club member who joins us on the most fly-ride motorcycle trips put it perfectly, it’s a supermodel that works!!  What does that mean?  Not only does it look beautiful and does exactly what it should!  And it bloody well does!  The 899 is, was my favourite sports bike, enough power to scare the crap out of you but handling to cope with it and make you feel like a MotoGP legend.


The 1299 was equally as good but for me, I’m not talented enough to be able to use 200 bhp, 150 is still more than I need.  But the 959 Panigale, yes the bigger exhaust to some makes it look less appealing, is just so much better.  How, no idea, but it is!


Immediately it felt right, perfect, the engine is a gem, smooth but still retaining the character we love from Bologna.  On fast sweepers, bumpy back roads and twisting mountain passes it just performed without fault, never feeling anything other than confidence inspiring.


You look at where you want to go and it goes!  Open the throttle and it pulls beautifully, I love it, the only issue for me, it’s a sports bike and I like to be upright, getting older!  On to the Monster and Super Duke!

Photo 14-03-2016, 20 27 03

Sadly, and again, I missed out on riding the KTM Super Duke R, well I am just the tour guide!  Despite owning the bikes, the guests ride them and if we get a go, brilliant!  And I did ride the Ducati Monster 1200 R, the first to do so and up the Ronda road, welcome to motorcycling heaven!


As we arrived at the usual lunch stop just outside of Ronda and at the top of the famous A-397, I couldn’t stop the praising, ‘oh my God, that is the best bike, ever,’ said the 5 year old me!!  It’s perfection in red.  I loved the standard and S model Monsters but this is just so much better.  Why?  Everything, the smooth engine, the V-twin noise and character, the breathtaking handling equal to the 959, pinpoint sharp, look and go, corner to corner.  At 160 bhp, it flies too, big wide bars make it comfortable and mean you can turn quickly.  I love it, love it, love it!


Prior to the Monster, the KTM 1190 Adventure and 2015 Ducati Multistrada were the bikes I’d have had if I could only have one, not anymore, Monster, Monster, Monster, 1200 R!


And the guys agreed, well until they rode the KTM Super Duke R.  It’s the same story, the same praise was given to the orange machine as the Monster and in the end, after many guests rode the two bikes back to back, it was individual preference but always with the understanding that choosing between them was like splitting hairs.  I didn’t, as said, ride the KTM Super Duke R so I can’t offer an opinion but our guests fell for both.  The Monster and Super Duke are both incredible machines, faultless, and the majority of our guests have ridden a lot of motorcycles to be able to make their statements!  Spyder Club has now run over 150 different machines in our 8 years of existence, our members therefore get to ride many of the latest motorcycles.


Each year we take a new fleet to southern Spain and this year was no different.  Next year we’ll do it all over again, we’ll have details online very soon, a few new routes to include, so if you want to start your 2017 season in style, let us know!


Finally thank you to Ducati UK, KTM UK, Bennetts Motorcycles and Ariel for your help as ever, and most importantly to all our guests, new and faithful, we really appreciate you joining us in Andalucia and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


A New Motorcycle Every Year, During the Summer Months

Add comment February 3rd, 2016


Fancy a new motorcycle every year? Even better, a new motorcycle in your garage just for the time you wish to ride it? You are not alone!


There’s a growing number of discerning motorbike enthusiasts who see motorcycle hire as a better option than that of ownership.  However renting a motorbike means it’s not always there when the sun is shining, welcome to the unique world of Spyder Leasing!


Spyder Leasing offers a short-term motorcycle leasing service which currently provides customers with between 1 and 3 month terms.  For 2017 this will be extended to either 6 or 9 months depending on demand.


With insurance either dealt with by the customer or purchased from Spyder Leasing, the bike is then yours for the duration of the term and simply handed back at the end of it, with no further commitment.


With a number of new bikes available by preorder from BMW, Ducati, KTM and Triumph, plus the option to lease a second hand motorcycle offering even better value, Spyder Leasing is a no hassle, cost effective solution to temporary motorcycle ownership.  It makes a lot of sense to so many who can’t justify having a bike in the garage doing nothing over winter.


Whether using the leasing service to properly test ride your next purchase, or making the daily commute more time efficient, or just the convenience of having a bike when you want it and not when you don’t, Spyder Leasing, short-term motorcycle leasing can work for you!  For further information call 0845 2000 868 or email info@spydermotorcycle.co.uk.


Isle of Man TT Motorcycle Hire

Add comment January 31st, 2016


Not long now and we’ll be back on the Isle of Man for the world class Tourist Trophy, the IoM TT!

Photo 04-06-2015 11 25 15 (1)

This year we’ll be taking another selection of motorcycles from the Spyder Hire fleet to rent to those flying in.


In 2015 we had many very satisfied motorcycle rental customers on Isle of Man, and lots of different motorcycles to choose from.


This year we will again be taking Ducati, BMW, MV Agusta, KTM and Triumph machinery.


We will also have RST motorcycle clothing and AGV helmets to hire.


If you’d like Further Information, or to book, Please Get In Touch.

Photo 03-06-2015 17 45 11

Riding Motorcycles In the Picos Mountains, Spain

Add comment September 28th, 2015


It’s another Spyder Club trip first and what a corker!  The Picos Mountains, (Picos de Europa) in northern Spain is a very beautiful area with breathtaking scenery, fantastic little towns to visit and most importantly, roads that may well have been built with us bikers in mind!


With four days of riding to muster from the region, including the run in from and to Bilbao airport, the task wasn’t the hardest! Most regions of Sunny Spain provide the motorcyclist looking for challenging riding with exactly that. Many of the roads are perfectly surfaced, with mile after beautiful mile of bend to bend fun.


The Spyder Club routes took in the fantastic N-621 and N-625, and on two of the best bikes you could ride these epic roads on, the BMW s1000 XR and the new Ducati Multistrada. It’s a test many of the bike magazines are doing and our Spyder Club guests in the Picos got to do it too!


And what was the verdict on the bikes?  Well it’s all down to personal preference, the V-Twinned Ducati is so smooth it’s incredible and with huge amounts of torque.  The BMW has one of the best gearboxes and an inline four that begs to be utilised! In terms of handling, really, two bikes this capable, on the road, they are both phenomenal motorcycles with talents that way exceed anyone riding on the open road!


Again, it is all down to personal preference as both Ducati and BMW have created incredibly efficient mile munchers, whether fast and sweeping or tight and twisty, they are both an absolute pleasure!


If you choose to ride a Spyder Club bike having joined us and flown in, have spent a few days riding through France or a 24 hour ferry journey to get to the Picos Mountains, they are thoroughly worth riding. September was a great time to go too, the weather was perfect for riding, early twenties meant we enjoyed the bikes rather than melted on them! And in the evening, in the lovely town of Potes, there was plenty to do, lots of hotels and a vast amount of restaurants.

Photo 19-09-2015 19 44 17

Start planning your trip to the Picos now; if you wish to do it with minimum hassle and enjoy not only the fantastic roads but a different bike everyday, then speak to us about our 2017 Spyder Club Picos trip, we’ll definitely be heading back!


Spyder Club Motorcycle Hire and Short Term Leasing Services

Add comment August 27th, 2015


During 2015 we have been running alongside Spyder Club, a motorcycle rental service available to non Spyder Club members.  Whilst motorcycle hire customers don’t have access to the full Spyder Cub fleet, there are still plenty of interesting motorbikes for customers to try including many BMW, Ducati, KTM, MV Agusta and Triumph bikes.


During the two weeks of the Isle of Man TT we were exceptionally busy with bikes either joining us on our Spyder Club IoM TT trips, coming with us to the island for non trip customers to hire, great for international visitors to the TT, or bikes going out from our Silverstone base to head off on a European trip or just a few days on something different.  Since June we have seen a steady flow of customers which is encouraging for the future and with the help of our hire partners, Ducati UK, KTM UK, Bennetts Motorcycles in Barnsley and the Isle of Man TT Breaks, 2016 promises to be an even better year.


The aim with this years new motorbike rental service has been to provide the same high standard of customer service we provide to our membership, to our bike hire customers, and this has been reflected in the testimonials we have received over the last few months.


Due to the success of the Spyder Club Rental service, we will be launching another motorcycle service later this year, giving bikers another easy way in which to ride!

Spyder Club short term leasing will provide customers with the opportunity to ride a motorcycle through the summer and then return it with no further commitment, or take on a second motorcycle during the summer months for the winter commute, keeping your pride and joy, salt free and safely tucked away in the garage.  Not only will we be able to provide the bike for a monthly leasing charge, but we will also be able to provide personal fully comprehensive insurance for the duration of the lease agreement through our insurance partner.


The leasing term will be short, between 28 days and three months, and then, if, at the end of the term you wish to continue, a new bike can be organised!  Bikes available will be confirmed nearer the launch date, they will of course be from the manufacturers we are already working with, therefore BMW, Ducati, KTM and MV Agusta to name a few.  If you have an interest in short term motorcycle leasing then please get in touch, we will be more than happy to add you to the list of potential leasing customers we already have.


Spyder Club Management of the Piaggio Group Press Fleet

Add comment June 21st, 2015


We here at Spyder Club are hugely proud and very pleased to be working with Piaggio Group, managing their press fleet of Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Piaggio scooters.


This relationship not only gives us another another business opportunity but also means we are lucky enough to be working alongside three premium motorcycle and scooter manufacturers.


For Spyder Club members this potentially opens up another very impressive fleet of motorcycles to enjoy.  Whilst the bikes currently arriving are purely for the press, exhibitions and demo rides, the intention from Piaggio is to get bikes on to the Spyder Club fleet in due course.


Last week we took delivery of the first 10 of 41 Piaggio Group motorcycles and scooters being managed by Spyder Club.  They are heading straight to the Piaggio, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed so make sure you visit if you are lucky enough to be attending.


Along with the scooters, we enjoyed unpacking some rather tasty Italian motorcycles!  The Aprila Tuono has always been a favourite with Spyder Club, the V4 engine and stunning looks and handling being massive draws.


We also unwrapped three beautiful Moto Guzzi machines, a stunning V7 Racer.


Incredible looking California…..


….and one of my all time favourite motorcycles, the Griso SE!


A bike I haven’t really spent much time pouring over is the Aprilia Capanaro, having now spent a bit of time looking around it and riding some of the competition, I’m very keen to have a ride.


All of the motorcycles and scooters are now looking good, mirrors attached, screens in place and polished ready for Goodwood Festival of Speed.


The management of a large press fleet is a very big deal to us at Spyder Club and we’d like to thank Piaggio Group for choosing us as to do so, thank you, we’re looking forward to a long and enjoyable relationship.


New BMW Motorcycle Arrives at Spyder Club

Add comment June 1st, 2015


An influx of BMW machines arrived at Spyder Club this week, including a K1300S with sport panniers, two F800GTs, another S1000RR, the red and white one has gone, we now have the BMW Sport coloured machine, and the R1200RS which members can’t wait to ride!


There is one other BMW motorcycle we are waiting to pick up from BMW Park Lane very soon, as eagerly anticipated by members as the R1200RS, and that’s the S1000XR which should be with us shortly after our return from the TT in mid June.


The four new bikes can currently be used by Spyder Club members or Spyder Motorcycle Hire customers who fit with our insurance stipulations.  Both services offer a potential buyer of these superb BMW motorcycles, a great test ride and mean you can walk into BMW Park Lane with confidence, knowing you’ll be spending your money on the right machine rather than potentially making an expensive mistake based on a review or 30 minute ride!

Spyder Club Membership

Spyder Club BMW Motorcycle Rental 


Motorcycle Hire at Spyder Club

Add comment May 8th, 2015


Ever thought of hiring a motorcycle? Renting a motorbike for a period of time either to get to know it before you buy or because you have a big trip planned and your sports bike won’t fit the bill, for instance!


Spyder Club has been providing motorcycles through it’s members club scheme since 2008. In 2014 we teamed up with Ducati UK and KTM UK and became motorcycle hire partners, providing motorcycle enthusiasts with the opportunity to enjoy more bikes. We also took on many new BMW motorcycles, Triumph bikes and partnered with MV Agusta dealership, Bennetts Motorcycles in Barnsley, to offer even more motorcycles to hire.


Whether you want a BMW R1200GS, KTM Advenutre, Ducati Multistrada or Triumph Tiger to rent for the annual trip to Europe or a Ducati Panigale, BMW S1000RR, Triumph Daytona, MV Agusta F4 or KTM RC8 to hire for a special day out, Spyder Club Motorcycle Rental service can help!


Our rental service can also be used by riders wanting a proper test ride prior to buying. It may cost you to rent a motorcycle for a weekend but it gives you a far better idea of the bike you are interested in buying than a 30 minute test ride. Spending £10,000 plus on a motorcycle that you realise isn’t right is an expensive mistake, spending money on a day or weekends motorcycle hire and making the right decision on the other hand, is money well spent.


So if you enjoy the prospect of riding lots of different motorcycles through our motorbike hire service, or renting what could be your next pride and joy, please get in touch with Spyder Club to discuss this further, we look forward to hearing from you.


New Bikes Arriving at Spyder Club

Add comment May 1st, 2015


There have been a number of new additions to the Spyder Club fleet in the last few weeks and still they keep coming! On Tuesday we rode the massive distance of 200 metres from Ducati UK to Spyder Club HQ on our new Ducati Scrambler.  We still haven’t ridden it properly yet, but time permitting, will hopefully do so this weekend and no doubt reveal it’s brilliances. It’s a bike we’ve been looking forward to for a long time.


Winging its way to us in the back of a van is a Triumph Tiger 800 with panniers, top box and heated grips, perfect for a long weekend or a few weeks touring in European.  It should be here in a few hours if the bank holiday traffic doesn’t hold it up and is another bike we hope to play on this weekend!


Then there’s the exceptional KTM 1290 Super Adventure which is now run in and off to Wales this weekend with one of the Spyder Club members. With a top box fitted thanks to Gear 4 in Market Deeping and 160 bhp to nurse, he’s going to have a great weekend, OK, because of the bike rather than the top box!


We also spent a bit of cash with Bennett’s Motorcycles in Barnsley too. First up is a Triumph Daytona 675 which will be kept in road trim for use on the public highways and will be available to members as a track bike, mostly here at Silverstone for convenience.

We are also replacing the MV Agusta Brutale 800 Dragster, with another 800 triple from MV, the standard Brutale, beautiful!


With luck the Ducati 1299 Panigale and Multistrada are being unpacked from their crates at Ducati UK as we speak and the Ariel Ace is hopefully just a few weeks away from completion. We also have the BMW S1000XR and R1200RS to look forward to in June as well. That will take the Spyder Club total bike tally over the last seven years to 130 different machines, all of which can be accessed from as little as £1,200 a year.

JOIN Spyder Club and enjoy riding new motorcycles for a fraction of the ownership costs.


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