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Spyder Leasing v PCP and Motorcycle Finance

Add comment October 19th, 2015


PCP is a cost effective way of owning a motorcycle over a three-year term, with a deposit upfront and low monthly payments, then either a lump sum to pay off at the end or hand the bike back to the manufacturers dealer for them to sell, simple!


For the majority this works well as it’s your own bike to ride whenever you like all year round and bar the initial upfront payment, per calendar month this is cheap motorcycling on exotic machinery.


Now there’s an alternative for those who want a bike each year but not all year round, welcome to Spyder Leasing, short term motorcycle leasing for the discerning rider!


Whilst short term leasing cannot offer the same low monthly payments of a PCP, when you consider the initial down payment, servicing and tyres, leasing becomes a cost effective option.  One benefit from being a short term lease is you only pay for the bike whilst it’s with you, between 2 and 5 months in the case of Spyder Leasing.


Take the Ducati 1299 Panigale as an example at just over £17,000 OTR.  Ducati PCP payments are £178 for 36 months with an initial £4,100 down payment.  If you split the £4,100 down payment over the three years, your annual cost is approximately £3,500 plus servicing and tyres which you could add on between £600-£800 a year.


On the other hand you could finance a motorcycle.  With no deposit and an excellent or good credit rating you are looking at monthly repayments between £515 and £545 respectively over three years on a £17,000 motorcycle.  Therefore committing £6,180 to £6,540 a year plus servicing and tyres.  The difference here is you have an asset at the end of the finance term, and therefore you’re the owner of a beautiful Ducati!


With finance, as with PCP, you are signed up to the length of the term, usually 3 years, and are potentially paying for the bike during time it is not in use.  You are also riding one bike during that time, rather than changing it for a new one every year, which you can do at Spyder Leasing.

Spyder Club Motorcycle Tour Norwegian Fjords, Norway

Of course there are riders who use their motorcycles throughout the year or just have to have a bike (if not more than one) in the garage, but not everyone is so inclined.  And that’s again where a short-term leasing contract over months rather than years could work for you.

Spyder Club KTM 1290 Super Duke and 1190 Adventure Spain

Try us, get your bike order in now for 2016 and enjoy a different type of motorcycle ownership.  Our initial leasing fees have been published on our News Page, these are being reviewed and we’ll also be publishing second hand leasing rates soon too.


Spyder Short Term Motorcycle Leasing Costs

Add comment October 16th, 2015


The feedback and interest in the new service being established for 2016 by Spyder Club has been excellent.  Spyder Leasing is a short term leasing agreement offering its customers the opportunity to have a motorcycle in the garage, full time, for up to 5 months of the year.


This unique motorcycle leasing service offers a range of new and used bikes on a short term basis.  These terms may well be extended further as the business evolves, however in the first place, as Spyder Leasing will be investing in the bikes itself, rather than being able to use a third party as the car companies do, short term leasing will be our initial focus.


For 2016 bikes will be from some of our favourite motorcycle manufacturers at Spyder Club.  BMW, Ducati, KTM, and  Triumph machines will be on the 2016 Spyder Leasing fleet.  We also hope to be working with Piaggio Group in the future, allowing us to offer both motorcycles and scooters from their brands.


So, what are the costs?  Firstly this is a premium service allowing customers to dip in and out of ownership rather than paying a lump cash sum or financing a motorcycle over many years, with both options being susceptible to depreciation and involving maintenance costs too.   Following on from market research, Spyder Leasing will offer two payment plans with either a higher or lower monthly outgoing depending on the size of the initial payment.


Also following market research, initial responses have been that the costs should be inline with a PCP agreement.  Spyder Leasing costs are aimed at being competitive with a PCP agreement and motorcycle finance, we have provided further details supporting this in a Cost Comparison post on our news page.

Cost examples on various motorcycles all no more than 12 months old:

Ducati Scrambler Icon – 4 month term

Plan A: first payment of £620.40 followed by 3 monthly payments of £310.20

OR Plan B: first payment of £775.50 followed by 3 monthly payments of £258.50

KTM 1290 Super Adventure – 3 month term

Plan A: first payment of £1,377 followed by 2 monthly payments of £688.50

OR Plan B: first payment of £2,065.50 followed by 2 monthly payments of £344.25

BMW R1200GS – 5 month term

Plan A: first payment of £962.50 followed by 4 monthly payments of £481.25

OR Plan B: first payment of £1,443.75 followed by 4 monthly payments of £360.95

Ducati 1299 Panigale – 2 month term

Plan A: first payment of £1,420 followed by 1 monthly payments of £708.50

OR Plan B: first payment of £1,595 followed by 1 monthly payments of £532

Triumph Tiger 800 – 5 month term

Plan A: first payment of £787.50 followed by 4 monthly payments of £393.75

OR Plan B: month payment of £1,181.25 followed by 4 monthly payments of £295.31

Costs include the motorcycle, scheduled servicing, 650 miles per calendar month, new or nearly new tyres at the start of the lease term.  Additional mileage can be agreed, our insurance partner is currently developing short term fully comprehensive rates for Spyder Leasing customers.

For further details and costs on specific motorcycles, please email or call 01327 857213 or 0845 2000 868


Progressive Road Skills Advanced Motorcycle Training

Add comment October 13th, 2015


Progressive Road Skills, the story so far….

In December 2014 I got together with Spyder Club with the purpose of passing on 30 years of advanced riding and driving knowledge from the police and armed forces.

As a Class 1 Advanced driver and rider, I am in a unique position of being able to read the road well and make progress safely. After years of personal training and assessments behind me and in partnership with Spyder Club, Progressive Road Skills was born!


Throughout 2015 I have enjoyed offering Spyder Club members, amongst other clients, advanced motorcycle coaching to enhance their riding and driving skills and ultimately make them safer, more progressive road users, and of course have more fun!


Having started riding in fields at the age of 10 on my brothers TS185, I couldn’t wait to pass my test, which I did at 17 riding on a Yamaha RD 125 LC.  Since then I’ve been fortunate to ride lots of 2 and 4 stroke motorcycles both on and off road, with the highlights being a 2015 R1M track bike, MV F4RR and RD500LC YPVS.


After retiring from policing, I have enjoyed spending time furthering my off road abilities with BMW, enhancing my track skills with the California Superbike School and joining Spyder Club as a member and trip guest.  It has been great to ride lots of different motorcycles without having to own them and the different bike experiences have allowed me to progress my skills, as all members do, we never stop learning!


With Progressive Road Skills up and running in May and having spent the winter months with my first student, SpyderLizzi, Spyder Club set about promoting Progressive Road Skills to members, it’s been a fantastic first year!

From five-day one to one courses in the car, to one to two assessment days on the bikes, the feedback has been very positive.



To put it simply, I’m an extremely happy customer.  I went from having very little confidence on the bike and being very sceptical of acquiring any usable riding skills to a much improved rider by the end of the 4 days.  Edward


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the last three coaching sessions in London.  My filtering is now far safer and progressive and I’m really enjoying riding again on country roads once I get out of the City.  I knew you had a reputation at work for being a fast rider but I didn’t realise how smooth and safe you are.  You make it look so natural and I didn’t realise a GS could do that….  Pete


Thought I should let you know how much I have gained in confidence since the driving lessons with you.  I must admit that I was somewhat sceptical that I would gain any confidence in only two sessions!  However, I am glad to tell you that, because of your lessons, I have decided to drive to Worcester tomorrow instead of taking the train.  I also very much appreciated that your lessons did not follow a pre-set agenda but were tailored to my specific needs.  Susan


It was an absolutely fantastic day and I learnt so much from you.  Your style, practical approach, friendliness and ability to convey information was superb.  Thanks again, by the final ride I felt a good 10% better rider with a whole load of stuff to practice and work on at home.  I look forward to the next four days coaching…  Thanks.  Mike


Just spent the day with David at Progressive Road Skills, David has a very easy manner and is a great communicator. Having passed my advanced riding test a few years ago with the IAM, I thought I rode at a good standard, but a day with David has allowed me to raise my game even more, and given me valuable insight into how the Police riders approach their riding.  Money well spent and I would recommend David to anyone wishing to improve the riding from whatever standard they are currently at. Thanks David, Steve


With winter fast approaching and road conditions deteriorating, there is never a better time to invest in advanced riding skills.  Therefore over the next four months, the following offers apply:

Assessment day, £85 members, £100 non-members
Spyder Club members, £125 for a days coaching
Non-members rate, £150 for a days coaching

Multi day bookings will receive a further 10%, terms and conditions apply.

For more information or to discuss the benefits of advanced motorcycle coaching, please email David or call 07740 022880, thank you, David, Progressive Road Skills


Spyder Club Motorcycle Winter Storage and Valet Service

Add comment October 13th, 2015


We have known the Shiny Bike Syndrome for many years having exhibited at different shows together and then this year, Nigel decided to take the plunge and join us on a Spyder Club trip to the French Alps and Provence. It therefore seemed only fair when Piaggio Group asked us to start preparing some of the motorcycles we manage, for Motorcycle Live at the NEC, to ask the Shiny Bike Syndrome to give them a bit of a polish!

The brief was simply, can we find someone who can make used bikes (albeit low mileage) new again, a phone call to Nigel revealed the answer was yes!


As said the miles were in the hundreds rather than thousands and therefore you could argue the job wasn’t so bad, you’d be wrong! For a start Piaggio motorcycles need to look perfect, therefore any evidence of chrome exhausts being tarnished was not an option! Whilst the pictures on this post show the exhausts looking as new, they didn’t before, they were very scorched!

So Nigel fulfilled his brief and Piaggio Group are very happy with the results, so much so, the Shiny Bike Syndrome have been rebooked! And that’s why Spyder Club are also offering members and non-members the opportunity to have your pride and joy valeted, with a coating of ACF-50 to prepare it for winter and the option to store it at Spyder Club during the winter months, freeing up garage space for Christmas presents.


Spyder Club are offering the following:

Full bike valet including winter prep with ACF-50, pick-up and return within the Spyder Club zone, £150 members, £170 non-members

Full bike valet, winter prep with ACF-50, storage and health check prior to return, pick-up and return within the Spyder Club zone (returned by 1st April 2016), £265 members, £300 non-members

The Spyder Club Winter Valeting service will start from November, there are limited storage spaces available, motorcycles having a valet and winter prep only will be picked-up and returned within a week, the health check will be carried out by IDP Moto.  Please let us know if you wish to have your motorcycle looking perfect again, we’ll be only too happy to help!

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