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Fast Bikes Magazine Join Spyder Club at Bruntingthorpe High Speed Day

Add comment October 8th, 2014

Fast Bikes Bruntingthorpe A

At our Bruntingthorpe High Speed Day on the 1st August we had Jon Urry join us from Fast Bikes Magazine to see what happened when you sent riders out on a bike with the speedo visible, and then again with it taped up!

On both runs a transponder was attached to the bike to accurately record the V-Max speed of the bike and rider, did it make a difference?

Take a look at the October edition of Fast Bikes Magazine and find out, then come along to our event next year and try it for yourself!! Join our mailing list to keep up to date with dates.

Fast Bikes Bruntingthorpe

Triumph Motorcycles Going Well at Spyder Club

Add comment October 3rd, 2014

Spyder Club Triumph Daytona ABS and Triumph Speed Triple R ABS

We picked up our Triumph Speed Triple R and Daytona 675 from Triumph Motorcycles just over a month ago and they’ve been busy ever since. With members pre-ordering even before their arrival it’s a fair statement that the Speed and Daytona were hotly anticipated motorcycles at Spyder Club.


The Triumph Daytona 675 is arguably one of the best sports bikes for the road, and track for that matter, and with the addition of a quick-shifter and Arrow can on the bike we have, it’s even better!

The engine is peach! The triple 675 pulls hard from so low down the rev range it makes it so easy and gets riders out of trouble in its stride. How many 600 sports bike allow you to open the throttle in sixth gear at 40 mph and watch the speedo climb as quickly as this one? The new model is also so much more comfortable than the previous Daytona’s we’ve run at Spyder Club.


Again the previous model was an exceptional motorcycle, we owned a standard Daytona and the Triumph Daytona 675 R, but you did feel you were riding on it as opposed to in it and that’s where the latest version wins! However both give you that stunning 675 motor and a chassis that is quite simply epic. On British roads this is a bike that works. It inspires confidence, allowing the rider to explore new limits and enjoy improving their riding.


Members love this bike because of that, they can enjoy learning new skills whilst enjoying a package that won’t scare the life out of them and potentially rocket them off into the distance and possible trouble, of course it’s still incredibly quick and plenty fast enough to do that if you are stupid!

These days you can buy a Daytona from as little as £4,000 second hand and a new one for as little as £9,600, that’s a hell of a lot of usable motorcycle for the money! The previous model was always a firm favourite at Spyder Club and the new one has made an even bigger impression, it’ll be perfect on the Spanish roads north of Alicante on our last trip of the year between 7th and 11th Noverber!


And then there’s the Speed! We’ve had a number of Triumph Speed Triple’s at Spyder Club, from the 955 to now, the latest R version. The chassis has been developed over that time to provide an astonishingly accomplished motorcycle with the ability to cross country incredibly efficiently. It’s a motorcycle you can use to tackle the most challenging of roads and tracks or take on a long European trip, with good fuel efficiency, a big tank and fantastic comfort.

The R version then offers you even more in terms of the stability, Ohlins suspension all round means the already excellent chassis becomes even more planted. The revised model in 2011 made the Speed a less wheelie happy motorcycle that, on our Alps trip in the same year, proved to be so usable on even the most technical of  roads. Our guest who rode it up the Stelvio Pass was by far the least experienced rider and yet he was glued to our most experienced all the way up, OK, we did make him ride the MV F4!


Regardless, it showed just how accomplished a chassis it is, and with its stonking 1050 engine which Spyder Club have loved in a few Triumph machines, it is a bike that offers many riders, experienced and new, a great riding experience and like the Daytona, one you can use to progress you as a rider rather than worrying about any nasty surprises.


One of our most popular bikes ever, based on mileage, was the Triumph Sprint ST. It was a bike that provided all day comfort for rider and pillion, sports bike pace and agility and a character that was easy to fall in love with. It’s a bike owners very rarely want to swap in our experience, a bike that allows them to enjoy the twists, cover big miles and get off smiling.

Both the Daytona 675 and Speed Triple R are working hard and being enjoyed by Spyder Club members. With the addition of the two Triumph Street Triple R’s we also have, our experiences of the British manufacturer have been truly cracking! We are looking forward to more Triumph motorcycle next year, and if our previous ownership experiences are anything to go on, we’ll be smiling from ear to ear every time we climb aboard!



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