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The KTM 1190 Adventure Ridden!

March 13th, 2014


KTM launched the 1190 Adventure in 2013 so the bike has been reviewed by the press and they like it! Now, for 2014, it comes with a revolutionary new ABS system from Bosch, the MSC or Motorcycle Stability Control system alters the amount of electronic interference whilst braking, depending on the lean angle of the bike, very clever. Thankfully there was no need for me to experience any of that whilst riding during the last few days, just the Adventures abilities, which are impressive to say the least.

I needed to run the bike in and get it back to KTM UK for it’s first service prior to our Spyder Club Season Starter Trips to Andalucia, southern Spain in mid to late March. On a cold, dark night I headed home from London on the M1 for a first 40 minutes of the bikes life, no fun but it introduced me to an incredible engine. It’s full of torque throughout the rev range and even keeping it under 6,500 rpm, it kept up with the flow of traffic too well! When the power was needed to slingshot you past the dawdlers, it satisfied with a good punch and a big smile.


As soon as I knew the roads off the M1, I left it in search of some proper riding. Quickly found, the KTM 1190 Adventure soon showed it’s stunning ability at covering ground very quickly. The motor is so easy to use, never being something that needs consideration, just open the throttle and go, no nasty surprises or stuttering moments, the fuelling is excellent! The dark and cold never make for perfect riding but within a few minutes of being off the motorway I was having a lot of fun. The chassis is nice and long meaning you really have to be going some to unsettle the front and the traction from the rear offers a confidence that allows you to play properly.

Somewhere around Market Harborough I lost my way, putting me on roads I didn’t know and which were obviously used by farm vehicles. Add to that the ‘Ice Warning’ from the bike and it could have been a tricky night, no chance! The KTM still performed admirably, never flinching or making me feel uncomfortable with my surroundings, and not really slowing me down too much either.


The following day I had three hours to get the mileage on for the bikes first service. Heading out in misty conditions on roads I know well and on tyres that were scrubbed, the bike just got better! Again, the best description of this motorcycle is, ‘it covers ground very well.’ Its pace is incredible, the handling impeccable and the engine a stonker. The road presence provided really helps, it’s a big bike and with the addition of a heated seat, tall too (although there are lower options available) so you know other road users have seen you which is very comforting.

The sun finally brightened the sky as I found myself in the Cotswolds. Again the roads were muddy in places but it didn’t matter. Going from dry, glorious tarmac to mud covered scary stuff was easily dealt with. Point the bike where you want it to go and it’s there. No scary moments, no bike fidget, just comfortable, enjoyable riding.


I love the KTM SMT, it’s an all time favourite and its new brother hasn’t changed that, however the 1190 Adventure offers you everything absolutely everything: power, clever electronics, all day rider and pillion comfort, power(!), road presence, an incredible chassis that matches the brilliant Ducati Multistrada, serious off road capability and power(!!).

If you need an all round motorcycle, this has to be ridden to be believed, a staggering job KTM, thank you for a great two days!


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