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Spyder Club Spain, the Story So Far!

1 comment March 25th, 2014

Spyder Club Spain Fleet 2014

We have been experiencing perfect riding weather, staggeringly good roads and an exceptional fleet of motorcycles, but it’s not just us at Spyder Club who thinks this, it’s our guests too:

‘I just wanted to drop you both a massive thank you for a great few days. Great fun, great bikes, great roads, great company and above all great hosts. It felt like going on a riding holiday with your mates, except your mates take all the hassles out of it e.g. organising food, routes, bike problems, even buying the beers !!’  Tim M, member since 2011, 1st trip to Spain.

Spyder Club Spain Group One 2014

‘Thank you for organising a really good trip, I really enjoyed myself (just need to recover now).  Routes – they were all good a great mix of old and new, even the “road of bones” was interesting and added to the adventure.  Bikes – a good mix of bikes and I enjoyed riding them – well nearly all of them :-). Not sure which I liked most, but the KTM Adventure stood out as a good all round bike, the Panigale was a highlight on the right road. I’ll have to book the MV when you are back in the UK to give that a try.  Company/Riding – a good mix of people and riding ability which made it enjoyable both on and off the bikes.’  Neil S, member since 2010, 4th trip to Spain.

‘You and Lizzi do a fantastic job.  Neil had a lovely time, got home at lunchtime tired but happy. He chirped on about what a good time he had, how nice the group was and told me about the bikes.  He is now fast asleep in front of MotoGP!’  Alison S, Neil’s wife!

Spyder Club Spain Group One 2014

‘Back in blighty safe and sound. Thanks again for a great time. A good bunch of people all round.’ Sean W, member since 2010, 1st trip to Spain.

‘Thanks so much for a cracking four days, I’m sure to be joining you this year and hopefully for many more. I’ll probably start on that beginners package as you suggested and see how it goes. The trip and club has a lovely feel with a terrific group of members all with a common interest, got to be good for business. We’ll no doubt discuss more on your return.  I really enjoyed riding bikes I’d not normally bother with, with my standout bikes of the the trip the Streetfighter 848 and R nineT.’ David S, new trip guest.

Spyder Club Spain Ducati 899 Panigale and MV Agusta F3 800 2014

The bikes have of course been the stars of the trip and wow!  The Ducati 899 Panigale is a stunningly quick, capable and efficient motorcycle on the right roads, making everyone feel like a MotoGP rider with it’s perfect power to weight and beautiful soundtrack, especially when using that blissful quick shifter!

Spyder Club Spain KTM 1290 Super Duke 2014

The KTM 1290 Super Duke took everyone a little time to get used to it but by the end of the trip, when everyone had ridden it a few times their feedback was all the same, brilliant! A cracking machine that grows and grows on you the more you ride it, easy to ride slowly but blisteringly quick when required a great motorcycle.

Spyder Club Spain BMW R nineT 2014

The BMW R nineT, very impressive, beautiful looks, stunning handling and enough power to have a lot of fun with, and a growling burble on throttle off, perfect!

The Ducati Streetfighter 848, three potential new owners, it just does everything you need on the road, good power, great handling and it’s a red Ducati!

Spyder Club Ducati Streetfighter 848 Spain 2014

The MV Agusta F3 800, it’s an MV, with 150 bhp, a quick shifter, slipper clutch and a lovely, unique induction sound, a great sports bike.

The KTM SMT, Ducati Hyperstrada and Triumph Street Triples have also received high acclaim with enough power for everyone and handling to lap up all that lays ahead of them with confidence and incredible ability.

Spyder Club KTM 1290 Super Duke and 1190 Adventure Spain

But the star of this show has been the KTM 1190 Adventure MSC.  Like it’s Ducati MTS rival on past trips, it just does everything, and in the case of the KTM, absolutely everything!  The power is exceptional, the handling incredible and on all the roads we’ve ridden, long sweeping straights to tight twisting hair pins, it deals with all in its perfect stride.

Spyder Club Spain KTM Fleet 2014

Prior to our guests arriving we, Spyder Lizzi and I, took a busman’s holiday on the Adventure, Lizzi choosing the pillion seat rather than her own bike. We set off for coffee at a little spot we know with lovely views at the end of the very entertaining A-356. Two up the Adventure was just as inspiring, change the suspension settings using the simple electronics and away you go. Even with two onboard the bike dealt with our spirited journey down to the lake brilliantly, providing good feeling on the road and offering plenty of power to nip by the dawdling cars.

In summary, this years fleet has made Spain exceptional; it’s diverse and each bike has made its mark on Group One! Roll on Group Two, Group One have left their mark, good riding, great guys and good times, no pressure!!

Spyder Club Spain Fleet 2014

Take a look at our three short films of the motorbikes since we’ve been out in Spain:


Spyder Club Spain Begins!

Add comment March 17th, 2014


We arrived in the late afternoon yesterday and unpacked a fleet that includes the BMW R nineT, Ducati 899 Panigale, KTM 1290 Super Duke, MV Agusta F3 800, KTM 1190 Adventure MSC, Ducati Streetfighter 848, KTM SMT, Ducati Hyperstrada and two Triumph Street Triples!


We have spent today checking over the motorcycles our guests will be riding in a few days time.


Which means riding them on some of the best roads we ride in Europe – tough job!


Once guests arrive on Wednesday, we’ll be heading further afield and taking on the Ronda road amongst others.


The great thing about Andalucia is there are so many good roads to ride, the majority being really special!


We also had the pleasure of riding the A-7000 which we do every year, but was recently reviewed by Pistonheads as a gem, luckily for us, we also rode it on the KTM 1290 Super Duke and BMW R nineT for their first rides at Spyer Club, perks!!


It’s a cracking bit of tarmac and the bikes also stood up to the reviews they’ve had to date, epic!


Now we need to take a few bikes for first services, stock the villa with food and wine and await the arrival of our first guests of the year.


We can’t wait to hear their thoughts on the fleet we have as they’ll all get to experience each bike on our four day, fly-ride trip, just like the others we’ll be running this year.


We’ll be heading to the Swiss Alps, Provence, Austrian Alps, Norwegian Fjords and Tuscany in Italy.


Come and enjoy a short break, fly-ride motorcycle trip with Spyder Club and experience a unique fleet of bikes you otherwise may not ever get to ride.


The KTM 1190 Adventure Ridden!

Add comment March 13th, 2014


KTM launched the 1190 Adventure in 2013 so the bike has been reviewed by the press and they like it! Now, for 2014, it comes with a revolutionary new ABS system from Bosch, the MSC or Motorcycle Stability Control system alters the amount of electronic interference whilst braking, depending on the lean angle of the bike, very clever. Thankfully there was no need for me to experience any of that whilst riding during the last few days, just the Adventures abilities, which are impressive to say the least.

I needed to run the bike in and get it back to KTM UK for it’s first service prior to our Spyder Club Season Starter Trips to Andalucia, southern Spain in mid to late March. On a cold, dark night I headed home from London on the M1 for a first 40 minutes of the bikes life, no fun but it introduced me to an incredible engine. It’s full of torque throughout the rev range and even keeping it under 6,500 rpm, it kept up with the flow of traffic too well! When the power was needed to slingshot you past the dawdlers, it satisfied with a good punch and a big smile.


As soon as I knew the roads off the M1, I left it in search of some proper riding. Quickly found, the KTM 1190 Adventure soon showed it’s stunning ability at covering ground very quickly. The motor is so easy to use, never being something that needs consideration, just open the throttle and go, no nasty surprises or stuttering moments, the fuelling is excellent! The dark and cold never make for perfect riding but within a few minutes of being off the motorway I was having a lot of fun. The chassis is nice and long meaning you really have to be going some to unsettle the front and the traction from the rear offers a confidence that allows you to play properly.

Somewhere around Market Harborough I lost my way, putting me on roads I didn’t know and which were obviously used by farm vehicles. Add to that the ‘Ice Warning’ from the bike and it could have been a tricky night, no chance! The KTM still performed admirably, never flinching or making me feel uncomfortable with my surroundings, and not really slowing me down too much either.


The following day I had three hours to get the mileage on for the bikes first service. Heading out in misty conditions on roads I know well and on tyres that were scrubbed, the bike just got better! Again, the best description of this motorcycle is, ‘it covers ground very well.’ Its pace is incredible, the handling impeccable and the engine a stonker. The road presence provided really helps, it’s a big bike and with the addition of a heated seat, tall too (although there are lower options available) so you know other road users have seen you which is very comforting.

The sun finally brightened the sky as I found myself in the Cotswolds. Again the roads were muddy in places but it didn’t matter. Going from dry, glorious tarmac to mud covered scary stuff was easily dealt with. Point the bike where you want it to go and it’s there. No scary moments, no bike fidget, just comfortable, enjoyable riding.


I love the KTM SMT, it’s an all time favourite and its new brother hasn’t changed that, however the 1190 Adventure offers you everything absolutely everything: power, clever electronics, all day rider and pillion comfort, power(!), road presence, an incredible chassis that matches the brilliant Ducati Multistrada, serious off road capability and power(!!).

If you need an all round motorcycle, this has to be ridden to be believed, a staggering job KTM, thank you for a great two days!


Spyder Club Spanish Line Up Ready!

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Spyder Club Spanish Fleet

The fleet has now arrived ready for Spain.  We spent yesterday picking up the final bikes which included the KTM 1290 Super Duke, 1190 Adventure and the stunning BMW R nineT.

The R nineT is one of the first to arrive in the country and you could be riding it with Spyder Club in Spain.  On a murky British morning it has already been loaded with the rest of the fleet in time to head off on its first Spyder Club adventure.

The bikes joining us on the trip now include:

BMW R nineT

Ducati 899 Panigale

KTM 1290 Super Duke

KTM 1190 Adventure

MV Agusta F3 800

Ducati Streetfighter 848

Ducati Hyperstrada

Triumph Street Triple R


Triumph Street Triple

Everyone joining us on the trip will get to ride all the bikes – that’s the joy of Spyder Club – swapping bikes during the day and stories when you get home.

Get in touch to join us Spain and be one of the first in the UK to ride the BMW R nineT.

Don’t dream it… RIDE IT!!

We couldn’t resist starting up the BMW R nineT and KTM 1290 Super Duke this morning either …



Spyder Club 1290 Super DukeSpyder Club BMW Ducati KTMSpyder Club KTM 1290 Super DukeSpyder Club BMW R nineT and KTM 1290 Super DukeSpyder Club KTM 1190 AdventureSpyder Club BMW R nineTSpyder Club BMW Ducati KTM MV AgustaSpyder Club Ducati KTM


Spyder Cub Short Break, Fly-Ride Motorcycle Trips to Spain

Add comment March 7th, 2014


Only a week until we head off to Andalucia, southern Spain to fill up the photo album with more of these!


The roads are astonishing, the scenery spectacular and the weather is currently a lot brighter than in the UK!


Last year our guests swapped bikes along the way as always, riding a fleet that included the BMW HP4 and HP2 Sport, a Norton Commando 961 Sport, a KTM SMT and 690 Duke, a Ducati 1199 Panigale, Monster 1100 Evo and a Multistrada.

Spyder Club Motorcycle Tour Spain March 2013

The year before that the equally impressive lineup offered the Triumph Daytona 675R, Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC, KTM RC8 R, a Ducati 848, Streetfighter 848, Multistrada, Diavel and Monster 1100 Evo and finally a Bimota DB4.


Normally we run our Andalucia trips in March however in 2012 we went back again in November too for the first time, not many changes were made to the fleet however the Ducati Hypermotard 796 which joined the KTM SMT, Ducati Diavel and 848, Norton Commando 961 Sport and the BMW HP2 Sport, was a massive hit!


Spain offers so much to the motorcyclist, it’s nearly impossible not to head out and find a stunning piece of tarmac that twists and turns in all the right places! If you add that to the fleet we are taking this year, BMW R nineT, Ducati 899 Panigale, KTM 1290 Super Duke, MV Agusta F3 800, KTM 1190 Adventure MSC, Ducati Streetfighter 848 and Hyperstrada and a KTM SMT or an MV Agusta Brutale 800, it all makes for a very entertaining four days riding!

Come and join us in Spain, currently the sun is shining and the temperatures are perfect for riding at 19 degrees!

Spyder Club Fly Ride Motorcycle Tour Spain

Spyder Club Fly Ride Motorcycle Tour Spain

BMW R nineT Arrives at Spyder Club

Add comment March 6th, 2014


It’s here, well it’s actually at Park Lane BMW but we’ll be picking it up next week in time for our Season Starter trips to Andalucia, Spain!


This motorcycle is being raved about by journalists across the UK so we, Spyder Club, are delighted to have one of the first to arrive into the country. It looks stunning with the retro design setting it apart from the masses.


We owe a huge thank you to Park Lane BMW for making this happen in time for our Spain Trips and we can’t wait to ride it under Andalucian skies and on the fantastic roads the region has to offer.

Would you like to join us and also experience the KTM 1290 Super Duke, Ducati 899 Panigale, KTM 1190 Adventure MSC, Ducati Streetfighter 848, MV Agista F3 800, Ducati Hyperstrada and KTM SMT? Get in touch and find out why our membership and trip guests ‘ride more’ for considerably less!



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