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Ride the KTM 1290 Super Duke, Ducati 899 Panigale and BMW R nineT in Spain

Add comment February 28th, 2014


Members are saying this year’s Spyder Club fleet is the best in six years. The 2014 fleet includes the hugely anticipated KTM 1290 Super Duke, aka ‘the Beast’, the incredibly well reviewed Ducati 899 Panigale, the KTM 1190 Adventure with it’s impressive MSC ABS system, the very retro and rated BMW R nineT, a beautiful and accomplished MV Agusta F3 800, the stunning Victory Hammer S and the very cool Cam-Am Spyder RS.


From this impressive list of bikes (along with some others), the KTM 1290 Super Duke, Ducati 899 Panigale, KTM 1190 Adventure MSC, MV Agusta F3 800, Ducati Streetfighter 848, KTM SMT, Ducati Hyperstrada and the BMW R nineT (looking very likely to arrive just in time) will be shipped off to southern Spain so our March Spanish trip guests can enjoy swapping between the fleet on the glorious roads of Andalucia. Why not join us and experience these incredible motorcycles under Spanish skies in likeminded company?  Spyder Club Southern Spain Season Starter.

Wed. 19th to Sun 23rd March or Wed. 26th to Sun 30th March. Costs start at £1,200 and include fuel, bike hire, motorcycle insurance, dinner, bed and breakfast, some evening drinks, lead bike, spare bike and support.


Last year we enjoyed blue skies and another impressive fleet, as we did the year before that and the year before that! Join us and see why our 2013 rebooking rate was 90% for those who joined us in 2012 and experience this dream fleet of bikes. Take a look at the review of our 2013 Spain trips and the testimonial written by new guest, Shaun.


Ducati 899 Panigale versus MV Agusta F3 800

Add comment February 25th, 2014


Since the Ducati 899 Panigale arrived at Spyder Club the weather has been awful, it just wouldn’t have been fair to have made some of it’s very first miles so wet! However this Saturday the sun was bright in the sky and the roads dry, time to compare!


On paper the only difference is the name, a cylinder and a few more cc’s, the weight, power, tyres, kit, cost and sheer road presence are very similar, and then there’s the ride! In six years of Spyder Club, having ridden nearly 90 different bikes in that time, I’ve always been amazed at just how much further a chassis with an engine in it, with a wheel upfront connected to the handle bars for steering and a fatter one at the back providing power, can leap on so far! The Moto Guzzi Griso SE was a real eye opener, the Ducati 1198S obliterated the Ducati 1098S, the Triumph Street Triple R chased Elise’s with confidence, the MV F4 2010 made me miss lots of working days, the Ducati Diavel should not progress as quickly as it does and the Ducati 1199 Panigale just shone!


There is also the Ducati 848, one of my all time favourite motorcycles. However riding the MV F3 800 with the 848 I was very annoyed at enjoying the triple more. I love the Ducati twin, I’m a Ducati fan, they are beautiful machines to gaze at, ride and own. But the MV F3 was more comfortable, more confident into corners and had a distinct triple wail. Not saying the 848 couldn’t hold it’s own, but 5 years after it’s initial development the MV felt a little more up to date!


But then the Ducati 899 arrived, I rode it first on dampish, dirty roads, on brand-new tyres and an engine that needed bringing to life. The first 120 miles were taken easy, getting to know the bike and it’s abilities, as with the MV it didn’t take long to see it was going to be epic!

Riding the 899 on dry roads with little traffic and a better knowledge of the bike, the fun factor lifted considerably! It flies, no other way of emphasising it’s efficiency at covering ground, just open the throttle, look where you’re going and smile!!


The Ducati 1199 Panigale is a truly stunning motorcycle, it inspires confidence, makes you feel fantastic and has more power than you will ever need, and that, in my opinion, is the 1199’s downfall for me. Both the F3 800 and 899 are still unbelievably quick, offering 150 bhp within a 170 kg package so speed isn’t lacking, but they are more manageable. I need my licence and both these bikes make it that bit easier to hang on to!


So how do they compare? I hope it’s evident that these two bikes are breathtaking, stunning machines to ride and own, but which one does it better? A very tough question to answer, it comes down to personal preference, nothing more.

The 899 fits me better at 6 ft 2 in but Spyder Lizzi at 5 ft 8 in feels happier on the MV. Our other rider on the day, Spyder Club member Rich, at 5 ft 11 in was just as happy on both bikes and agreed that it comes down to personal preference. The engines are super smooth, the handling is incredibly efficient, the noise from both fills your helmet with laughter and the power is enough to stop you blinking for mile after glorious mile.


So for me, the 899 please, Spyder Lizzi, the F3 please, and then we can ride both! Or of course, we, well you, could join Spyder Club!! Both bikes will also be joining us in Spain for our March Season Starter trips, there are a few spaces remaining?


Do you like the idea of comparing both of these exceptional machines, riding them back to back either on a Spyder Club trip or through our Spyder Membership or Club Membership schemes? You should, it’s a cost effective and time efficient way of riding a lot of amazing motorcycles, and you could just find you want to own something you had never considered!

Contact Spyder Club and join us.


Desmo Article by Spyder Club Member

Add comment February 20th, 2014

spyderarticle002Spyder Club Desmo Editorial

It’s always good to have editorial, but it’s even better when it’s a glowing review from a Spyder Club member!

Thanks Mick!

The MCN London Motorcycle Show

Add comment February 17th, 2014


It’s been a few years since we last exhibited at the MCN London Motorcycle Show, ExCeL. We have had mixed experiences in the past, really positive shows some years and polar opposites the next, so we pulled out in 2012 and 2013. However each time we didn’t exhibit, we visited and last year we walked around a busy show and decided it was time to book a stand again!


The London Show isn’t as big as Motorcycle Live at the NEC but this year we enjoyed a very good marketing experience! With it being more compact, eventually there are more potential customers walking past the stand. As with any motorcycle show the first port of call for the majority of visitors are the manufacturer’s stands and their new machines, but once there’s been a leg thrown over the next purchase or dream bike, the show goers filter through to the little guys!

So after a slow morning we and the stands around us would see and speak with a very encouraging amount of potential customers who, in our experience, were interested and happy to leave their details.


Exhibiting at motorcycle shows also gives us the change to catch up with Spyder Club members and trip guests as well as our partners and friends. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends, as we have recently with the very entertaining Steve Parrish (go and see his MAD Tour) and Caroline Ash, wife of the late Kevin Ash who received a well deserved Life Time Achievement award! One of our very own also enjoyed the spotlight with his Streetfighter Turbine bike entered into the Customer Motorcycle competition. Zef Eisenberg’s very cool and unbelievably powerful helicopter engined machine came in second to a stunning (in Zef’s opinion) cafe racer custom which did look great!


On Friday night MCN treated all the exhibitors to a drink or three!! We left after the three but others were pushing on into the night, we were smug in the morning though! Thank you MCN, the usual nice touch.

We also spent a night in the hospitality of Pole Position Travel with Gordon and the team making their guests feel very welcome as usual, another great night, thanks guys.


And then there’s the reason for us going to shows, to market Spyder Club, and didn’t we do well!! Our goals at all exhibitions are to increase the interest in Spyder Club by handing out brochures, speaking with those interested, taking potential member and trip guests details and of course, gaining new membership and trip guests, all of which we did!

In particular we were very successful at building the Spyder Club database, something that has been more challenging since 2010. However this weekend we enjoyed speaking with a good quantity of quality potential members and trip guests, a really positive sign for us as it means people are serious! A good sign for the motorcycle market in general too.

All in all it was a very good three days and we look forward to heading back to the MCN London Motorcycle Show at ExCeL in 2015!


The Experience is Everything!?

Add comment February 12th, 2014


Riding motorcycles is fun, riding lots of motorcycles in good company is even more fun! It’s a statement we strongly believe in and our members and trip guests agree.

Spyder Club Motorcycle Tour Scotland 2013

Our customers are in a unique position, they get to ride the latest and greatest motorcycles either as members on their own time or when joining us on trips and events, experiencing new roads on stunning bikes.


Key to making Spyder Club work is we do our utmost to get the group right! That may mean slower and quicker riders being in the same group, but it’s never impacted on the fun. We insist on each guest riding within their own limits and not trying to keep up with quicker riders or hassle slower riders to speed up.


This works because we, Spyder Club, like to check everyone is okay and we do this by bringing the group back together to stop for coffee, fuel the bikes, point everyone in the right direction and, most importantly for the guests, swap bikes!


Spyder Club trips are all about enjoyment, being part of a group, riding lots of different motorcycles and experiencing different roads. The very nature of what you do on a Spyder Club trip means there’s plenty to talk about when the helmets come off.


There are different bikes to discuss, roads to relive and, of course, what machine does it all the best!?


There’s a reason our rebooking rate is so high, that 90% of our 2013 guests joined us in 2012 and 2014 is looking just as good! Guests are making friends, they are riding roads they may not otherwise, enjoying a stunning fleet of motorcycles on routes that really do them justice. They can do all of this in 4 days, limiting their time away from home and work but not their riding experiences, and because they know we have done our very best to get a good bunch of riders together so their time with Spyder Club is as good as it can be!


Talk to us about joining Spyder Club on a fly ride motorcycle trip in Europe in 2014. Come and experience more.

Spyder Club Fly Ride Motorcycle Tour Spain

MCN London Motorcycle Show, it’s Show Time, Again!

Add comment February 7th, 2014


Over the past 3 years we’ve put all our eggs in the NEC, Motorcycle Live basket, using it as the big exhibition of the year for Spyder Club rather than also attending the MCN London Motorcycle Show as we did for the first three years of our existence.


However we still attended the MCN London Motorcycle Show as visitors each year to see the delights it had to offer and meet business partners new and old, and last year we realised we needed to start exhibiting again!


Both Ducati and now KTM, exhibiting for the first time in 2013, swear by the London Show, Ducati stated last year was as good as any and KTM were so impressed it’s a permanent fixture to their calendar! From a visitors point of view, we agree entirely, there was plenty to see, lots of racers wandering around and the usual bargains to feast your eyes on and empty your wallets!


Get yourself down to the MCN London Motorcycle Show between the 14th and 16th February at ExCeL, London and come and see Spyder Club on Stand A25 where we’ll be exhibiting our new KTM 1290 Super Duke and Ducati 899 Paniale which will be joining us on our fast approaching Spanish trips in March!


Day 3 MotoGP – test results

Add comment February 6th, 2014

Cal Crutchlow Ducati

An interesting day for those testing in Sepang for MotoGP today with four under the magic two minute mark including Aleix Espargaro on a CRT bike!  Marquez is still top of the pile, Rossi still ahead of Lorenzo and Scott Redding still in 21st – hmmmmm!

1    MARQUEZ, Marc     Repsol Honda Team     01:59.5
2    ROSSI, Valentino     Yamaha Factory Racing     01:59.7
3    LORENZO, Jorge     Yamaha Factory Racing     01:59.9
4    ESPARGARO, Aleix     NGM Mobile Forward Racing     02:00.0
5    BRADL, Stefan     LCR Honda MotoGP     02:00.1
6    PEDROSA, Dani     Repsol Honda Team     02:00.2
7    DOVIZIOSO, Andrea     Ducati Team     02:00.4
8    ESPARGARO, Pol     Monster Yamaha Tech 3     02:00.7
9    IANNONE, Andrea     Pramac Racing     02:00.7
10    BAUTISTA, Alvaro     GO&FUN Honda Gresini     02:00.8
11    SMITH, Bradley     Monster Yamaha Tech 3     02:00.9
12    CRUTCHLOW, Cal     Ducati Team     02:01.1
13    HAYDEN, Nicky     Drive M7 Aspar     02:01.5
14    EDWARDS, Colin     NGM Mobile Forward Racing     02:01.7
15    PIRRO, Michele     Ducati Test Team     02:01.8
16    AOYAMA, Hiroshi     Drive M7 Aspar     02:02.4
17    DE PUNIET, Randy     Suzuki Test Team     02:02.5
18    HERNANDEZ, Yonny     Energy T.I. Pramac Racing     02:02.6
19    AKIYOSHI, Kosuke     HRC Test Team     02:02.6
20    NAKASUGA, Katsuyuki     Yamaha Factory Test Team     02:02.8
21    REDDING, Scott     GO&FUN Honda Gresini     02:02.8
22    LAVERTY, Michael     Paul Bird Motorsport     02:03.2
23    BARBERA, Hector     Avintia Racing     02:03.2
24    PARKES, Broc     Paul Bird Motorport     02:03.4
25    DI MEGLIO, Mike     Avintia Racing     02:04.5
26    AOKI, Nobuatsu     Suzuki Test Team     02:05.7
27    ABRAHAM, Karel     Cardion AB Motoracing     02:06.0

Some Spyder Club Memories from our 2013 Fly-Ride Motorcycle Trips

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Spyder_Club_Spain_March_2013_Group_one (16)

It was a great riding year at Spyder Club in 2013: solid sunshine in the UK, a fleet that included the Norton Commando 961 Sport for nostalgia, a Ducati 1199 Panigale and BMW HP4 for those wanting a little more speed; the Bimota DB4 and BMW HP2 Sport provided something a little different and a KTM SMT and Ducati Multistrada and Hyperstrada for the adventurous, to name but a few.

Spyder_Club_Spain_2013_Group2 (4)

Spyder Club ran 17 different motorcycles in 2013, reaching 78 since April 2008 and by April/May 2014 we’ll be close to 90 different bikes over 6 years! So if members weren’t riding them in the blissful British sunshine of 2013, they were experiencing them on the best roads of Europe!


There were the usual trips to Andalucia, Spain, the Swiss Alps and Provence, however we also sought out new roads in the stunning Pyrenees and north of Alicante, as well as running new trips to the Isle of Man TT, and Anglesey Race Circuit back home!


The TT was something else, every bike enthusiast should experience it, but this news piece is about our trips into Europe and the times we’ve had on two wheels!


Our familiar trips saw us back on the stunning Ronda road in Andalucia, the Nufenen Pass in Switzerland- the perfect start to any motorcycling day; Mont Ventoux – epic, with views to savour; the Route Napoleon – dramatic, unbelievable, a must; as is the Stelvio pass, hairpin after hairpin!


But then we headed for the Pyrenees and routes we hadn’t ridden for a while, a silly mistake! The mountains seemed huge, more so than the Alps – like Scotland on a larger scale. Each day threw up a new challenge, something to look forward to and enjoy, we couldn’t believe the riding, it was truly epic!


A narrow road known as the ‘Go Cart Track’ heading west from Berga began the trip on a high, corner to delightful corner; on a Street Triple, it all made perfect sense. The first day was a favourite, long but absolutely perfect, views to ride for, roads in great condition and a challenge that made for the best sort of conversation over a beer later on!


Our second new trip for 2013 had the guys flying into Alicante to ride the area north of the city and as far east as Benidorm. There isn’t as much riding in the area but what there is was incredible: deserted roads, super smooth tarmac and sweeping bend after sweeping bend.


We saved the best until last, with the final day directly above Alicante offering some of the best riding we and our guests have ever done, twisting, turning roads that never ended. The sun shone and the temperatures soared into the 20’s in November.


Our two new riding trips in Europe, added to the old favourites, made 2013 the best year we’ve had at Spyder Club since starting in 2008. Our 90% rebook rate from 2012 to 2013 further leads us to believe our members and guests thought the same.


Going on the 2014 bookings – and the amount of them that are from those who joined us in 2012 and 2013 – we are looking forward to more pictures like these at the end of 2014!


Having fun on two wheels with our friends is what Spyder Club is all about. You only need to look through these pictures to see that the faces are often the same, even the new guests from 2013 have already booked multiple trips with Spyder Club for the year ahead.


Spyder Club offers the very best, short breaks with like minded riders who enjoy making progress over challenging roads within their own limits and to the conditions of the road, that’s how we roll!!


Add to that the bikes we have waiting for our guests and you’ll see why we have such a good rebook rate. Our guests have become friends, guys and girls who we enjoy seeing as much as they enjoy being with us and the other guests.


Is this a twee statement? Not really, why would we want it any other way, why would we not want to make friends, after all, that’s what motorcycling is all about.


A freedom, a sense of belonging to the group you are riding with. Even if you are miles apart, when you stop for fuel, coffee, lunch there is another bike enthusiast ready to share their experiences of the roads you’ve just ridden, the bikes just experienced and the views taken in.


As our first trip of the year begins in March we head back to Andalucia for the sixth time. This year we have added three new European trips, the Norwegian Fjords, Austrian Alps and Tuscany, Italy, as well as heading to the Swiss Alps for a sixth time, Provence, France for a fourth and back to Alicante, Spain for the second year in a row, we can’t wait!


If you like the idea of being part of a likeminded group of riders, who enjoy getting away for a long weekend and riding lots of different motorcycles on exhilarating roads then look no further, speak to Spyder Club about enjoying yourself on our short break fly-ride motorcycle trips.


Day 2 MotoGP Sepang Test – latest results

Add comment February 5th, 2014

Valentino Rossi Sepang MotoGP Test

At the end of the second day of MotoGP testing Marc Marquez yet again topped the timing tables.  Rossi finished the day in 4th and Scott Redding is creeping slowly up the table in 19th place.  Bradley Smith finished in 7th place, Cal in 12th and Michael Laverty also showing positive movement in 22nd.

1 MARQUEZ, Marc Repsol Honda Team 1:59.926

2 PEDROSA, Dani Repsol Honda Team 2:00.336

3 BRADL, Stefan LCR Honda MotoGP 2:00.339

4 ROSSI, Valentino Yamaha Factory Racing 2:00.464

5 ESPARGARO, Aleix NGM Mobile Forward Racing 2:00.547

6 LORENZO, Jorge Yamaha Factory Racing 2:00.573

7 SMITH, BradleyMonster Yamaha Tech 3 2:00.603

8 IANNONE, Andrea Pramac Racing 2:00.855

9 ESPARGARO, Pol Monster Yamaha Tech 3 2:01.061

10 BAUTISTA, Alvaro GO&FUN Honda Gresini 2:01.110

11 DOVIZIOSO, Andrea Ducati Team 2:01.146

12 CRUTCHLOW, Cal Ducati Team 2:01.396

13 PIRRO, Michele Ducati Test Team 2:02.177

14 HAYDEN, Nicky Drive M7 Aspar 2:02.287

15 EDWARDS, Colin NGM Mobile Forward Racing 2:02.545

16 HERNANDEZ, Yonny Energy T.I. Pramac Racing 2:02.675

17 AKIYOSHI, Kosuke HRC Test Team 2:02.692

18 AOYAMA, Hiroshi Drive M7 Aspar 2:03.034

19 REDDING, Scott GO&FUN Honda Gresini 2:03.200

20 DE PUNIET, Randy Suzuki Test Team 2:03.205

21 NAKASUGA, Katsuyuki Yamaha Factory Test Team 2:03.794

22 LAVERTY, Michael Paul Bird Motorsport 2:04.374

23 BARBERA, Hector Avintia Racing 2:04.551

24 PARKES, Broc Paul Bird Motorport 2:04.816

25 ABRAHAM, Karel Cardion AB Motoracing 2:05.261

26 DI MEGLIO, Mike Avintia Racing 2:05.355

First Ride on the Ducati 899 Panigale, an Enthusiast’s Review

Add comment February 4th, 2014


The journalists have had their say and Ducati must be falling over themselves with joy, the bike has been referred to in conversations I’ve had with some journalists as the ‘bike of the decade’, a statement that needs an exceptional bike to back it up!

We loved the Ducati 1199 Panigale, the V-twin motor was smooth, the chassis pin sharp and the seating position a massive leap on from even the 1198 and 848, quite simply it was breathtaking! It was a bike that you could ride to the shops or, far more importantly, enjoy riding with gusto over Alpine passes as it devoured fast sweeping bends with incredible efficiency; but it was very quick for the road.

Nearly 200 brake horse on the road is something that can get you into trouble very, very quickly! Two gears had the bike, and you as the pilot, entering into three figures, I don’t know about you but I like my licence, it allows me to ride my bike!! On the track and with your reflexes dialled in I can imagine the 1199 is at home, but actually, what’s this new, red wheeled bike right behind it?!


With just under 100 miles on the clock I’m not the most informed rider of the Ducati 899 Panigale, add to that the winter road conditions, new tyres and a bike that needs 600 miles at limited revs and I’ve not experienced the bike to anywhere near it’s potential but you know what’s about to happen!

The engine is so sweet, triple smooth with no hesitation in the power delivery, open the throttle and away you go. It’s reassuringly predictable, no surprises, apart from the amount of power you are being supplied with, and the noise, only a Ducati can do that!

Providing 150 horses means the ‘baby’ Panigale is more of a slightly younger brother. The 848 was always my favourite sports bike, it was effortlessly fast but you had time to check your position on the bike, ride through the bends rather than getting there quicker than you imagined, enjoying and learning from your ride rather than desperately trying to keep up with the bike.


This is a brand-new motorcycle so it’s way off where it will be but within the first few miles I knew I was riding the replacement 848. The chassis is just as accomplished as the 1199, the engine is a peach, smooth, powerful and not too intimidating. At just a bit under 6 ft 2 (damn it) it offered me plenty of room, I was able to move around the bike with ease, enjoying riding the bike from corner to corner, positioning myself quickly and comfortably.

I love this bike, if I was in the market for a sports bike I’d look no further! Blisteringly quick, comfortable, with the wide bars that make it an armchair in comparison to the thinner 848, a soundtrack to inspire you every time you hit the start button and character only Ducati can do like this, I’m smiling widely as I write with the thoughts of yesterday firmly in mind!

If Ducati do a Streetfighter 899 then personally I’ll be in riding heaven, but for now I’m going to enjoy running in the Spyder Club Ducati 899 Panigale before members can get their hands on it and we only see it to change tyres.

Time to go for a ride again – here’s one from yesterday…


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