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Motorcycle Training With California Superbike School

Add comment January 29th, 2014


I love riding my motorcycle, the sense of freedom, the challenge of a good road and the feelings generated when you get things right, bend after glorious bend! I’m comfortable with my riding too, I’m happy with my pace and ability for the majority of the time and certainly for the road!


As my job requires me to ride with others on a regular basis I am very aware of how bad riding can effect other road users around you and/or the group you are riding with, I like safe riding around me and on our bikes! Since the majority of our members and trip guests are riders we have got to know very well, we are now very careful of the money we take, spending time getting to know new customers and on occasions, assessing their riding so they fit in with our loyal customers and ultimately have a better time because of the requirements we put in place.

Regardless of the relationships we have with our customers and the fact we know they ride the Spyder Club fleet safely, it’s always good to hear they are having additional training. At our Winter Party on the 25th January we arranged for California Superbike School to run a classroom session with their simulator bike.


I don’t know about you but I’m not good at sitting still and doing so in a classroom is even harder! However we were all riveted to our for two and a half hours whilst General Manager, Badger and Chief Instructor, Gary took us through the benefits of body positioning on the bike and its effects on the motorcycle.

It was a taster of the CSS Level 1 day which you can do at Silverstone, Cadwell and Brands Hatch but it was a great way to spend a rainy, winters afternoon. As a result of the information gained and the professionalism behind it, 9 members are joining Spyder Lizzi on to the level 1 day on the 15th May, with the rest of them realising the potential to improve and planning to join me later in the year, if they are this good in the classroom, a day with them on the track as well will be brilliant!


Most of us bikers are too macho to need training, we know it all, but actually, the guys at CSS will quickly make you realise a day with them will make you a far more competent rider.

These are skills you can bring to the road, making the riding experience event better as my understanding of the bike and my ability on it will no doubt improve as a result, making me and you a safer, more confident rider, just the type we like at Spyder Club.

If you haven’t thought about it before then take a look now, Spyder Club members would highly recommend spending a day with California Superbike School, they also receive a 10% reduction as Spyder Club members too!


Ducati 899 Panigale Tops UK Registration List in December

Add comment January 28th, 2014


In what the Telegraph term ‘an upset equivalent to the Ferrari California outselling the Ford Focus,’ the stunning new Ducati 899 Panigale topped registration lists in the UK for December putting the Honda CBF 125 into second place.

The much awaited successor to the popular Ducati 848, the 899 Panigale has been wowing the critics since it’s release and Spyder Club are lucky enough to have one joining the fleet in time for our trip to Spain in March.


Considered more road friendly and comfortable than it’s bigger brother the Ducati 1199 Panigale, we are looking forward to comparing it to the MV Agusta F3 on some sunny, smooth roads, as well as very soon in the UK once the F3 returns from a service and we have a dry day.


Ducati have been producing classic cult machines for years and the baby Panigale looks to already be another hit.


Spyder Club Winter Party with California Superbike School

2 comments January 27th, 2014

Spyder Club Winter Party with California Superbike School Spyder Club Winter Party with California Superbike School

Spyder Club members and guests had a great Winter Party on Saturday.

After lunch at the Donington Manor Hotel we spent the afternoon with Badger and Gary from the California Superbike School who had bought their simulator bike.  We had an interesting few hours where Gary and Badger explained how important it is to grip the bike with your legs, how to move around the bike (in the correct position!) and some more basics of track riding.  Everyone had a chance to sit on the bike and get advice and feedback from the guys.


The school is an excellent way to learn in the safety of the track but everything can be applied to road riding too.  The afternoon with California Superbike School and Spyder Club was just a classroom taster session, Lizzi will be attending a full day at the school at Silverstone on the 15th May for anyone who wishes to join her – we’ve had another seven members sign up already!


The evening was spent enjoying dinner and drinks with prizes for a few members over the year.  We had a lot of people to thank and there were some awards from our Bruntingthorpe event and the odd booby prize too!

Once again another great day, really well supported by our Spyder Club members.


We’ll be at the MCN London show from 14th – 16th February, so come and see us there to find out how you could be part of Spyder Club.  We’ll be meeting for a beer after the show on the 15th for anyone who wants to come and meet us and some of the members.


Start your Motorcycle Season in Southern Spain

Add comment January 21st, 2014


It’s nearly here again, our most popular trip, four days riding the super smooth roads in southern Spain under Andalucian skies!

This year guests will be able to swap between a stunning fleet that will include the KTM 1290 Super Duke and 1190 Adventure with MSC ABS, the Ducati 899 Panigale, an MV F3 800 and a Yamaha MT-09 amongst others.


The roads are some of the best we ride and include the exceptional A-397 from Marbella to Ronda which has to be experienced at least once, so we do it twice!


Come and start your season on a high, join Spyder Club in southern Spain during March for four days of motorcycling bliss with new friends.

Please take a look at some of last years pictures in a brief YouTube film.


Pay As You Go Spyder Club Membership

Add comment January 16th, 2014


New Year, new membership option, why not join us!

Our points membership will soon be run alongside a trip/’pay as you go’ membership which will be online in the coming weeks and replace the current Trip Membership.


In return for a membership fee of £500, you will be able to take advantage of member benefits such as member rates on trips and events, discounts with California Superbike School and the Ron Haslam Race School, 10% off Drift Action Cameras, Ultimate Ears hearing protection and others.

You will also be able to use the Spyder Club fleet, which this year includes the BMW R nineT, Ducati Monster 1200 and 899 Panigale, the KTM 1190 Adventure and 1290 Super Duke, Victory Hammer S, Yamaha MT-09, MV F3 800 amongst others.


Different rates will be payable depending on the time of your booking and the bike, ranging from £100 to £290 per booking (not per day), with delivery included, based on Monday and Thursday drop offs and pick-ups for mid week and weekends.  Each membership is limited to 3 bookings, each booking comes with 350 miles.


For further information, please get in touch. Join using the before the end of January and receive a 10% discount off the membership fee.


The Best Motorcycling Roads of 2013

Add comment January 8th, 2014


In any job there are good bits and bad bits, on a daily basis our roles are marketing Spyder Club, recruiting new members, coming up with new ideas and making sure our members get the bike they want, when they want. It’s no different from any other office based job, but every now and again we get to ride! In 2013 we ran trips in Andalucia and north of Alicante in Spain, the Pyrenees, Swiss Alps, Provence, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales and everyone of them offered us a peice of riding heaven, these are our favourites!


The very nature of Spyder Club means we often ride with bikers we know well and ride with regularly, this makes our trips so much more enjoyable, both for us and new guests joining. Then we have the bikes, top notch machines that our trip guests experience over a long weekend, swapping as we enjoy some of Europe’s most spectacular tarmac!


So what were the best routes last year? Which road has made its impression last longest or challenged us the most? Europe has so much to offer, from the smooth surfaces of Spain, the twisting ribbons in the Alps, to the sweeping bends of Scotland, there is so much to experience and enjoy.


At the end of day one on our Scottish Highlands trip we finish with a 50 mile run from Invergarry to the Kyle of Lochalsh on the gloriously sweeping A87. It really doesn’t matter how many times we ride it, we do it again on our return to Glasgow on the final day because it never fails to entertain! The views are staggering and when the riders around you are likeminded, it’s right up there with the best memories, especially this year.


Whilst the roads in the UK are often a lot busier than those we find in Europe, there are some we ride where the traffic stays away. Along with many areas of Scotland, Wales has some of the best deserted roads to be ridden. On this year’s trip to Anglesey, two sections of tarmac proved heavenly.


The famous Evo Triangle needs no introduction and is very worth your time. We only completed the A543 section but will return to finish it off another time! Between Kington and Crossgates on the A44 we found a freshly surfaced section with no cars, oh yes! A cracking stretch of road which contours beautiful rolling green hills, ‘there’s lovely!’


One of the joys of Spyder Club is being able to fly into a European city and find a fleet of exotica waiting for you with four days of fun filled riding ahead! The Swiss Alps has so much to offer and once we leave Zurich behind we are blessed with Alpine pass after Alpine pass, twist after twist. There are the well trodden routes, the Furka, Grimsel and Susten amongst others but one of the best and often quietest, is the Nufenen. It’s a beautiful pass, heading south from the 19 you reach the top quite quickly and then stop! The views are stunning and one of the reasons we all enjoy two wheels in the Alps. The ascent to the 2 is also something to savour, a brilliant, sweeping journey down the valley, perfect!


In 2013 we ventured to the Pyrenees for the first time. Our route lead us on to a road known as the Go Kart Track, non-stop bends and perfect tarmac, it’s become one of my all time favourites. The BV4241 from Berga, Spain to, wherever you decide to leave it I guess, is stunning, a real treat and another road I can’t wait to ride again in 2015.


During the same day we experienced yet another Spanish gem! Climbing into the big mountains of the glorious Pyrenees and the breathtaking views, we came across the C28. Fresh tarmac and tight twisting turns that climb up and up, I could have ridden it again and again but why bother when there’s so much more ahead!


Prior to the Pyrenees we’d spent four days in Provence, the guys flying into Nice to meet us and then heading north on the bikes. Again this area gives a biker technical riding that produces big smiles and ultimately, makes you a far better rider for the experience! There’s the ‘tick list’ ride, the amazing Route Napoleon, N85, from Grenoble to Nice that takes you through incredible canyons, round fast sweeping bends and stunning French villages with good food.


One of my favourite roads is the D974, after the lunar landscape and dizzy heights of Mont Ventoux, it adds to the event with the drop down the mountain into the town of Malaucene for lunch. A fabulous road that never fails to impress, another laugh out loud moment in my helmet!!


Then there’s the madness of the TT. Riding the course can be an anti-climax unless you are up with the larks and then the mountain can be relatively clear but otherwise you’re constantly looking over your shoulder for those attempting lap records! But, just like the TT itself, the mountain road is unbelievable! Leave early and head straight for Ramsey, from there you can experience unlimited speed limits, one way traffic and the legendary mountain road. Yes you could max our your bike but just riding on the opposite side of the road around a corner is enough to stop you going too fast.  Plus doing big speeds with other riders around you just isn’t tennis! Being there is a privilege, why spoil it for yourself or others because you believe you can beat John and Michael!

Finally, the trip that kickstarts every Spyder Club season – our Spanish season starter has so much to offer but one road that is truly unforgettable is the A397 from Marbella to Ronda. A billiard table surface provides good grip and is a challenge to any motorcycle enthusiast – it’s 50 km of biking heaven we can’t wait to ride it again in March.

Europe and the UK has so much to offer a rider who wants a challenge, to learn constantly and smile endlessly. I’ll never tire of planning routes for Spyder Club guests, I’ll never tire of re-riding them either. Whether you join us on a trip or do it yourself, there’s a lot of fun to be had on two wheels in Europe and at home, make progress, stay safe!


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